This is one of the things we do best

People in Myanmar around the country especially where affected by
military attacks such as burning villages, air striking. They needs our help constantly. We organise every support we can appeal and support them with medical supply, foods through NUG government. We need you to join us and raise awareness around the world.


We constantly coordinate 
with people on the ground
and helping people who
are in need through
our fundraising programmes


We consistently collaborate with individuals in the field, providing assistance to them through our fundraising initiatives.

Food supply

We consistently collaborate with individuals on-site, providing assistance through our fundraising initiatives.

Donate us! It will only take a minute.

All your donations will be sent to the people in need
around the Myanmar.  Especially, during this revolution, children,
women, elderly are most suffering. Any medical aid and food supply are constantly needed. Your contribution will make different to the people on the ground.